Massage Therapy

  • Swedish

  • Deep-Tissue

  • Lomi Lomi

  • Esalen

  • Neuromuscular

  • Myofascial

  • Thai

  • And more!

  • We accept all major forms of insurance


Private & Group Sessions Available  All Major Forms of Insurance Accepted

A package of 5 group sessions is only $150! Individual group sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $35-$45. Schedule a group session, or a private acupuncture treatment. We accept all major forms of insurance.

Ayurvedic Therapies
  • Diagnostic & Treatment Session

  • Nourishing Massage (Snehana Abhyanga)

  • Deep Tissue Massage (Mamsa Chikitsa)

  • Psoas Release (Abdominal Massage)

  • Lymphatic Massage (Phenakam)

  • Gua Sha Tissue Toning (Rakta Moksha)

  • Cupping, and much more!

Salt & Sugar Body Scrubs

Rejuvenate and relax with a cleansing salt or sugar scrub.    

Scrubs may be booked as a ½ hour stand alone service or as a wonderful addition to a massage. 

​Qigong & Wellness Classes 

Check out our new schedule of Wellness Classes including our full weekly schedule of Qigong classes. New classes include yoga and informative lectures, workshops and demonstrations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

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