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"Qigong Master, most certainly describes Adam.  The life energy that he embodies, transmits, and teaches is so very clear and steady. Adam introduced me to Qigong in a way that connected with my intellect, spirit, and physical being.  His way of teaching and presenting movements, connected with breathing, imagery, and inspirational phrases, gave me an introduction that progressed to keen interest and a personal motivation to incorporate Qigong into my life. I receive continual encouragement from Adam that feels very supportive.  

- Ian, Ashland, OR

"I've known Adam as a teacher for 15 years. He is warm and caring toward students, and both entertaining and informative as an instructor of Qigong. His written materials are valuable for serious and interested students, though the real thing is worth the trip to take classes from him personally.”


- Judd Robbins, 35+ year instructor and author