Get started with a New Patient Consultation to develop a treatment plan to achieve your goals. We are contracted with most major insurers and provide treatment for motor vehicle accident (MVA) patients.


Schedule Private or Community Sessions if you are an existing patient.  

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We've built an exceptional team of massage therapists that are valued for their skill, knowledge and professionalism. 

Book our Standard Massage or one of the Specialty Massages available such as Esalen, Lomi Lomi, Neuromuscular, Myofascial, and more.

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We now offer our healing services at discounted rates when you make a donation. You can now purchase discounted packages of Massage, Acupuncture, or Qigong for someone in need: the practitioners get paid a regular rate but the studio only collects a nominal fee for the use of space, reception, linens, etc.  

You can nominate a specific person in need; request your donation be applied toward treatments for a US Veteran; or apply for donated treatments for yourself by clicking here.



One way to think of Qigong is as the "Physical Therapy" component of Chinese Medicine. It is essentially simple movement you combine with your breath and mindfulness. Anyone can learn the basics of Qigong and utilize this ancient practice to relieve pain and reduce stress and axiety. Qigong puts the healing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into your own hands!


Our 2-Disc DVD sets are on sale at our studio now for only $10 a set!

Our instructor, Adam Holtey, is now offering 20-minute private online sessions to help you with your individual needs and goals in a Qigong and Meditation Practice. Reach out to Adam at to find out more.

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